Mr. Lean (aka Harry Wood)

Harry Wood, Senior Lean Facilitor

"What we have here is,
failure to communicate."

Guess what?
Saving money is a good thing!

I am pleased to announce that LLC has added a consultant to help with those clients that seek to reduce costs and eliminate waste. Harry Wood. Here are some highligths from his last assignment.

Cost reduction specialist in fabrication, welding, and assembly.
Reduced costs and improved throughput from design to assembly.
Completed projects exceeding $1MM in annual savings.

  • Cost reduction: plan, direct, and coordinate waste reduction and Kanbans
  • Manufacturing cost reduction
  • LEAN accounting
  • Engineering Changes
  • Production scheduling
  • Purchasing and Vendor Management.
  • Capital Equipment justification projects
  • Proficient with Access, Excel, SmartCam, Optimation, JDEdwards, and Crystal Report Writer
  • Knowledgeable in: ProE, SDRC, AutoCad

But the real question is quite simple: What can he do for your operation?

Give him a call to find out.
Harry Wood
Senior Lean Facilitator
+1 843.564.4754
There has never been a better time to cut waste!

And no better way to communicate it: put Harry to work just as soon as you decide to change direction and take charge of your expenses.

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